Saturday, August 21, 2010

Such a good Saturday

Days like today are the best.  Although I am definitely NOT a morning person, I woke up at 5:30 a.m. to work at the Broad Ripple Farmer's Market.  There's just something about working for food that makes me really happy.  Perhaps it's that I know the work will result in something tangible that I love...veggies!  Getting to know all sorts of new people is also wonderful.  Today I met a new friend.  He's a "Straight-Edge" Vegan who rescues pugs.  How cool is that?!  Every one of those traits, I'm sure has brought criticism from other people, and yet, he is true to himself.  I love meeting people like that. 

While driving home from the market, I was deep in thought.  I've been seeking to understand my worth to the LORD for the last couple of months.  Having been saved by Jesus Christ, I'm sure it's hard for anyone to believe my value is in any sort of question, but realizing that I'm loved and worthy in God's eyes has been terribly difficult for me to grasp in the past...What I'm coming to understand is that I've spent my life perceiving God through the scope of other people's behavior.  It's a complicated lie that Satan weaves, and it pains me to consider that this web of deceit may never be lifted for some Christians.  Although we know that God loves us because He chose to save us, we can't imagine that we have any sort of personal worth, because the hatred in our world tells us we're useless...I'm starting to break out of that fog, and let me tell you, the light shining through is glorious.  God doesn't care what other people think of me!  When I managed to destroy His perfect creation with my sinfulness, my LORD and Saviour, Jesus Christ gave me back my worth, my life, and my ability to offer love to the world.  And not only has God given me worth through His Son, He created me with purpose.  He loved me from the beginning.  He thinks I'm great because He made me in His GREAT likeness!  What a glorious thought...and all by lunchtime!

When I got home, I had lunch with my wonderful husband, Dustin.  I'm so incredibly blessed to be his wife.  His love is so empowering.  If he would have gotten to rest from work, today would have been perfect. 

Today was also the Grand Opening of Nomad Yarns, a new shop in Plainfield (  This is just the sort of place I've been looking for...a place to meet other crafty people and work on fiber arts together.  The shop itself is so inspiring.  The owner is around my age (so young to start your own business!), and she has done an incredible job of creating a crafting environment!  I met Noel, Kristin, and Josh there to check it out. 

So many possibilities!

Noel and I worked on projects for a silent auction, while Josh and Kristin dilligently learned to knit for the very first time.  I love it!

After grabbing some dinner (yummy bean salad!), Noel and I headed over to the Reagan's house so Noel could give Caleb a haircut for baby day at church tomorrow.  He's only 5 1/2 months old, and this is his second haircut!

I seriously don't know how his parents get anything done.  He's so precious!

Despite his size, this little guy is very active!  It took a lot of teamwork to get his hair in order!

I love his face in this one!  Such a cutie!  Pretty mommy, too!

What an awesome day!  I got to spend time with so many wonderful people...

And to top it all off, when I got in my car to head home, Pat Benatar was on the radio singing "Love is a Battlefield"...that just makes any day that much better!  "We are young!..."  :)

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

My Journey to Trust, Balance, and Beauty

The meaning of the title of my blog is complex, and I'll explain a bit here.  It's about my life.  My past.  My present.  And certainly, my future.  All too often in the past, I failed to appreciate my experience on Earth.  Always hoping for something better, I never looked at right now for all its worth.  Consequently, I was never at peace and never truly happy.  Through a series of God given events, I was forced to take a long hard look at my life, and I came to realize that this life is a remarkable journey.  If I hand it over to the Giver of Life, and learn to trust Him to be my Provider and Protector, and stop trying to create stability and safety for myself, only then will this journey reach it's marvelous potential. 

I have also found that life is about balance.  Too many of my days have been spent toiling toward my own warped view of success.  Until just a few years ago, I never once stopped to ask what I really wanted out of this life.  I was living to please other people.  I worked to earn love.  I have been, and will always be, loved unconditionally by a God who gave His life for me and to me.  I live immersed in His love.  No longer must I toil.  Although I work, I also rest.  Although I give, I also receive.  BalanceBlessed balance.

Beauty.  There are so many things I can say about beauty.  About being created beautifully in the image of my Father in Heaven.  About Him allowing me to create beauty to mimic His creativity.  Recently I learned just how much a woman craves beauty, not vanity as some might assume, but true beauty.  The beauty of God's creation.  The beauty that results from the life in this creation.  I need it like air.  Yet, for so many years, I denied my need to create and appreciate creation, because of "practicality."  Because of my Father's love, I am free to create, to paint, to sew, to sing and dance, to love, to be beautiful.

I am on this incredible journey, and I choose to love every moment.